Handling Systems

Systems for

  Handling Supports

  Job Changes and Conversions

  Container Production

Lifting Devices for

  Furnance / Batching

  around IS Machine

  Cold End Area

Support Equipment and tools around IS Mach.


Overhauling from used to NEW

Modernizations & Repairs


all kind of Equipment Transportations

Installations in HE & CE Areas

Feeder and Mechanism Repairs

Mechanical and Electrical Expertise

Alignments and Audits

Production and IS Trainings


Air Ventilation Systems

Mech. + Electr. Engineering from A-Z

Machine and Vertiflow Cooling

Conveyor and Servo Motor Cooling

High Quality Turbo Fans

Own Electrical Controls & Sensorics

Automatical SPS Timing

Optimized & high Quality Piping 

(Pre) Engineering incl:

  Project and Energy Management

  CFD Software for optimized Air Flows

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