Handling Systems

Systems for

  Handling Supports

  Job Changes and Conversions

  Container Production

Lifting Devices for

  Furnance / Batching

  around IS Machine

  Cold End Area

Support Equipment and tools around IS Mach.


Production of IS Machines 

IS Machine Modernizations & Repairs

IS Machine Conversions

all kind of Equipment Transportations

Installations in Hot End and Cold End

Area (Mechanial & Electrical)

Feeder and Mechanism Repair

Mechanism Repairs

Audits and Alignments


Air Ventilation Systems

IS Furnance Cooling

IS Machine Cooling

Conveyor Coolling

Servo Motor Cooling

Turbo Fans

Automatic Control Systems

Optimized Piping 

(Pre) Engineering incl:

  Project and Energy Management

  CFD Software for optimized Air Flows

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