About us

EFF Solutions' aim is to increase the efficiency of container glass production.


Our portfolio is based on three pillars:


On the one hand, we focus on the re-newing of IS machines and offer service support  for our customers in terms of in-house and on site repair-work, installations, transpor-

ts, modernizations and conversions. In addition to that we offer IS machine production

& maintenance training. 


On the other hand, we provide (pre-)engineering and deliver complete ventilation systems for IS machines as well as furnance cooling.


Furthermore, we try to ease job changes and handling around IS machines with our specially designed handling systems with the focus on economy and saftey.


Regardeless of the discipline: We know the challenges that our customers are facing.


Whether we already have the perfect answer to customer requests, or we develop it together with them, hand in hand we find the best solution to increase production ta-

rgets in an efficient and safe way.


At all times, we customize our special solutions to the entirety of customer's needs.


Our sales office is located in Düsseldorf, West Germany. In Essen, close to Düsseldorf,

we placed our fully equipped production facility. Our workshop is ideally suited to pro-

duce tailor-made IS-Machine products and lifting systems, or to implement repair business of all kind of glass industry equipment. Our focus is on all kinds of systems

and we can handle up to max. 4x IS machines at the same time.


Our engineers come directly from the container glass industry (!): from engineering,

service, workshop and project management departments of different brand compa-



We combine huge experiences with new ideas!


Do you see a need for support? Please, get in contact with EFF Solutions GmbH....



Service Hotline: 24 / 7:




Business Office:

Kaiserswerther 215

D-40474 Düsseldorf



Krablerstrasse 125

D-45326 Essen





































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